Chirongui dispensary and maternity hospital on the Isle of Mayotte
Doha building complex in Qatar
Polyclinic and consultation building for N°3 hospital annex to the Institute of Medicine in Qiqihar, China
Renovation and extension to the Evaux-les-bains spa centre
République health centre in Clermont - Ferrand
Henri Mondor Hospital Centre in Aurillac
Renovation and extension to the Les Cauterets spa centre
Linyi hospital in China
Casteljaloux spa and fun centre
Medical consultation centre République in Clermont - Ferrand
Restructuring of the medical and surgical building of Saint – Flour hospital
Renovation and extension to the Néris-les-bains spa centre
Callou spa centre in Vichy
Hospital for multiple trauma patients in Eaubonne, near Paris
Aix-les-bains spa establishment
Biology and blood transfusion centre at Clermont – Ferrand University Hospital Centre
PSR radiotherapy centre in Clermont - Ferrand
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