Callou spa centre in Vichy
Polyclinic and consultation building for N°3 hospital annex to the Institute of Medicine in Qiqihar, China
Renovation and extension to the Evaux-les-bains spa centre
Biology and blood transfusion centre at Clermont – Ferrand University Hospital Centre
PSR radiotherapy centre in Clermont - Ferrand
Casteljaloux spa and fun centre
Doha building complex in Qatar
Medical consultation centre République in Clermont - Ferrand
Renovation and extension to the Les Cauterets spa centre
Henri Mondor Hospital Centre in Aurillac
République health centre in Clermont - Ferrand
Restructuring of the medical and surgical building of Saint – Flour hospital
Renovation and extension to the Néris-les-bains spa centre
Hospital for multiple trauma patients in Eaubonne, near Paris
Linyi hospital in China
Chirongui dispensary and maternity hospital on the Isle of Mayotte
Aix-les-bains spa establishment
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